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What are QR codes?
Example qr code

Here's a real live example of a QR code..... Smartphone owners simply scan a QR code, press enter, and they are immediately taken to the website, the app or online  information that the QR code links to.

QR stands for 
"Quick Response."

Smart phone usage is sweeping across all demographic categories and globally. 
It is estimated that by 2013, more than 50% of internet users will access the internet from smart phones.

Who needs QR Codes?
Any person, business or company with a website or online contents that needs to be advertised or marketed needs QR codes to place on their marketing material. The QR code that points to the website, app or information can be placed on the following:

  • In magazine or newspaper advertising
  • In Yellow Pages advertising
  • On a storefront sign
  • On a menu
  • On a price tag or sign for per-product information (we have seen it on wine bottles!)
  • On Virtual Business Cards (VBC)
  • On your smart phone, so associates can just scan it (just send the QR code to your smart phone/email contacts so they may scan it) 
  • Even directly on your printed business card!

The QR code file can be given to a printer and can easily be expanded or reduced in size to fit any application you need.

At the moment we don't see many QR codes on magazine or newspaper advertisements (yet), but soon we will see them on ALL advertisements in newspapers and magazines.

So, if you own a website or have advertisers on your website, in your magazine or newspaper, you and your customers need QR codes.

There are QR Codes for: Websites (URL)  
  Virtual Business Cards (VBC)
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